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Uniform Policy

Our School Uniform

We like to be active throughout the day, not just in PE.  We therefore have an Active uniform.

You may want your child to bring a spare top to change into, to freshen up on PE days.  For full details of the uniform, please click on the policy above.

Compulsory Items:

Red polo shirt with or without school logo (worn all year)
Navy sweater or cardigan with or without school logo (worn all year)
Plain Black or Navy leggings/joggers/shorts or skort (worn all year)
Trainers or shoes that are safe and comfortable to run, play and be active in (worn all year)

Friday - Healthy Hermitage Friday
Green Healthy Hermitage Hoody with remaining uniform the same (worn every Friday, all year)
Green Healthy Hermitage Hoody available from "My School Style" website, a green hoody without the logo can also be worn: https://myschoolstyle.com/school-shop/hermitage-primary-school/

All items of clothing should be marked with your child’s name. Children with pierced ears are asked in the interest of safety to wear studs at school. Watches may be worn and given to the class teacher during PE and swimming. No other jewellery is to be worn. Coloured nail varnish is not to be worn at school.

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