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We are an active collective of parents, teachers and friends of the school; volunteering our time and support to deliver a programme of social events throughout the year. Our mission is to bring everyone together, have as much fun as we can, and raise vital funds that enhance the experience of all our children at Hermitage Primary School.   

You were automatically welcomed as a member of the PTFA when your child joined the school! Your level of involvement is entirely up to you, we understand we live in busy times, but every little really does help. Your wonderful class reps are at the heart of the team, and meet periodically throughout the year to brainstorm, plan and make everything possible.   

The team are:  
Chair – Ashley Sant
Treasurer – Jude Steele  
Secretary – Liz Alcock  
R1 – Emma Jones and Becky Wilkinson 

Y1 – Lorna Griffths and Mark Wilkinson 

Y2 – Alison Holmes and Laura Miller 

Y3 – Sal Pattni 

Y4 – Stew Hurley 

Y5 – Clare Lysons and Jane Jaques 

Y6 – Catherine Dooley and Polly Keen 


In the past, money raised has been spent on an exciting adventure playground, new markings for play areas, benching, fencing and grounds equipment, which the children have thoroughly enjoyed. The furniture in the hall has been upgraded and a PA system has been installed which helps support creative workshops and sports day events. A class set of iPads has also been funded to improve teaching and learning across the school.   


To keep up to date with events please find us on Facebook “Hermitage Primary School PTFA”: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=hermitage%20primary%20school%20ptfa   

You can get in touch with us on our group email: PTFA@hermitage.cheshire.sch.uk   


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