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Subject Leader: Mrs H Bailey

What our children say about science:

"I enjoy it. I like finding out about things." - Reception pupil

"I know some special words - transparent means a material is see-through, translucent means you can only see through it a bit and opaque means it's not see-through." - Year 1 pupil

"I like learning about things and what they do." - Year 2 pupil

"I am proud of my muscle model. I also enjoyed learning about Mary Anning, a famous scientist." - Year 3 pupil

"Science is good because we do lots of investigations. I was proud of my circuits work. I did a really good illustration to share with the rest of the class." - Year 4 pupil

"I like experiments. We mixed vinegar with bicarbonate of soda. It bubbled and fizzed because of the chemical reaction." - Year 5 pupil

"The best bit of science is finding out new things. I remember lots of things because of the interleaving.we do in science." - Year 6 pupil

Websites to support your child at home in science:

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