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" True respect means accepting someone and honouring his or her thoughts and feelings. " (Chana Levitan)

Welcome to Religious Education at Hermitage.

The Teaching and Learning of RE at Hermitage

At Hermitage Primary School, we follow the Cheshire Agreed Syllabus for RE and use the Discovery scheme for RE  across the whole school.

In Key Stage 1 we learn about Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

Our themes include:

Special People, Christmas, Celebrations, Easter, Story Time, Special Places, Rites of Passage, Passover, Hajj, Community and Belonging and Prayer

In Key Stage 2 we learn about Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism.

Our themes include:

Special Times, Pilgrimage, Rites of Passage, Beliefs and Practices, Belief into Action, Beliefs and Meaning, Moral Values, Prayer and Worship and the Miracles of Jesus

Our long term plan maps the religious education topics in each term over each key stage.  We have a variety of high quality resources which help us to teach these units of work and we have enjoyed educational visits to local churches including St Luke's and the Methodist Church. We have also visited the Jewish Museum in Manchester. We have  welcomed visitors into school to talk to us about their faith and beliefs.  The children's responses to their RE topics are displayed around the school and our pupil voice comments reflect a growing awareness of the rich cultural and diverse heritage of the UK.

What pupils say about RE in our school:

"It's interesting learning about the different ways people worship."

"I like talking about the stories.  Different religions have different stories but they all have special meanings and messages."

"Which religion is the best?  That depends on what you believe and how you worship!  They all deserve respect, though."

"Someone might not agree with your opinion.  It's ok to have a different view."

"I like handling the different objects.  The Jewish shawls and hats were beautiful."

"People are different but we all deserve respect."

"Different people worship in different ways."

"We have lots of different religions in our country.  It's very diverse."

"Our country is fair.  Everyone has the right to worship and be happy. You also have the right not to worship as well."

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