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Year 6 2023 - 2024

Mr S Torrie

Year 6 Autumn Term 2023

Welcome to Year 6!  I hope you have all had a wonderful summer holiday and I look forward to hearing about what you have all been up to.  Please see below for a bit of an overview of what we have coming up this term and some important information to take note of.  

Our topics for this term are as follows:

Maths: Place Value, The Four Functions, Fractions, Converting Measures

English: Setting Description, Character Description, Non-Chronologial Report, Play Script.  Our first class text/Guided Reading book is Once by Morris Gleitzman.  It's a fantastic book that is told through the eyes of a child during WW2 and has been a real class favourite over the last two years.  It also makes children think really hard about how the main character interprets a range of events and helps us focus a lot on inferenence skills.

Geography: Environmental Issues - Is plastic waste and a lack of sustainability leading us towards global disaster?

History: World War 2 - What was the impact of WWII on the local area, including cities?           

Our PE days are currently Monday and Friday and our topics for Autumn 1 are Hockey and Fitness Training.

Each week, one member of the class will prepare and deliver a short presentation on a topic of their choice.  The last two years, we had a very wide range of topics: Poland, the lower half of a horse's leg, ways the world could end, Phil Foden, conspiracy theories, the RNLI, cricket... The choices are endless!  

Spelling will be set as per usual, Friday to Thursday.  A first attempt test will take place on a Friday and a re-test will be given on a Thursday. See how much you can improve, and let's get learning those common exception words too!  I've attached them to this page, both the Y3/4 list, and also the Y5/6 ones too!

Maths homework is set Friday to Friday.  This alternates between MyMaths (logins should remain the same as last year!) and mental arithmetic books. 

English homework now runs from a Tuesday to a Monday.  This is to be completed in the usual orange reading journal. Let's also make sure we are all reading at home too - it has a massive impact on ALL of your learning; our class library is huge and is added to each month so there is bound to be something you like in there!  If you aren't sure what to read, I will do my best to help you choose something I think you will like.  

Please note that the Accelerated Reader website address has now changed to the following: https://global-zone61.renaissance-go.com/welcomeportal/6702553

The login details for this remain the same.

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